Boğaziçi University School of Engineering, in cooperation with the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, offers a new program that will lead to the Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technology Management (ETM).

This interdisciplinary graduate program integrates engineering, technology and management knowledge and the related techniques and skills. It is structured to meet the need for engineers with a management perspective, who are expected to take leadership roles in 21st century high technology enterprises.

The Program

ETM program aims to prepare competent leaders in today's sophisticated high technology enterprises in manufacturing, government or industrial service sectors of our global economy with a commitment for the environment, quality and ethics. Technology driven companies have to integrate the system viewpoint and cope with the rapidly changing markets to ensure their survival in global competition. In such a continuously changing business environment, engineers also need to strengthen their technical and managerial skills throughout their careers.

Student Profile

The major target population of the ETM program is the full time working engineers with at least two years of experience. Even though prior work experience is highly recommended, recent engineering graduates who intend to start work immediately after graduation may also apply for this program. 40 graduate students are planned to be selected annually for the ETM program.

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